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Pic. Medianeras, Gustavo Taretto. 

What makes us different?

We respect your privacy.


We´re a media 100% digital. Therefore, we uplift environmental care and make ecology an important matter.


We work like an ONG an we consider the public info as a common benefit in a building of a best society. Hence, our subscription is free but you can support us with our pay subscriptions.


We´re a co-working magazine. Therefore, our content is built by curation, artist collaborations and humans who believe in MIC mag. Our aim is can to pay all artist collaborators.


Our editorial line search breaks whole disinformation created by informative noise, news consumerist speed and over the information with the aim to try to get peace and media quietness with the value, importance and accent in films we communicated.


We´re a media that works with very critical thinking, far away from a commercial journal that tries to live in an autonomous way for set the cinema and the culture as the most important educational tool.


How we work like ONG your sponsorship is the gist of our existence and daily work.


We consider MIC mag like an space to intelectual exercise to search cognitive development through art, films, memory, quotes and an autonomous thinking of it. Also, we look for a curiosity to know new things to see, hear and love.

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